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 January 21, 2008
I am working on a game called CSIS (Combat SImulation System) as an enviroment artist. As the game comes along, I wil update you on the progress.

January 8, 2008
Happy new year! First of all, today I purchased Weapon Creator. So in the near future (when we learn to finally F***ing animate) expect to see some freebie weapons. On the topic of freebies, they will be coming more often now that I fixed my FPS Creator (It was difficult to release models when I couldn't test them in-game). I am also toying with the idea of taking all of my models that I haven't released and putting them into a pack. The quantity and quality of the models will decide if there should be a price or not.

October 17, 2007
Pre-Production is set to begin for Party on the Potomac (yes, still a working title) on January 1, 2008. We have decided to use 3D Gamestudio A7 Pro as the engine for the game. I have also bought ZBrush 3.0 and am working on concept models for Darkest Hour.

June 26, 2007
Two new models added to the freebies page.
Terminal, and Trashbags.

June 28, 2007
I added a countdown until the Release of Grand Theft Auto IV. Which is, in my opinion, the best game coming out for the next-gen systems....even better than Halo III. The counter is located at the bottom of this page. :P

July 18, 2007
I updated the Freebies page with a crosshair pack.

July 27, 2007
Good news! Within the next three months I am getting:
Poser 7
Vue 6
Z Brush 3
3D Game Studio A7
Also, I will soon be starting development on a 3D Boat Racing game called
Party on the Potomac! (working title)
-Daniel Maher

Crossbow Model by Daniel Maher. Click on this pic. to see the Medieval Weapons Pack W.I.P. page.

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