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Here is a collection of our free models (at the moment they are just segments and entities, no characters or weapons)

Sci-Fi Teminal
created by Daniel Maher for the second monthly competition hosted by TyranoMan.
License: Commercial or non-commercial, feel free to edit the texture or model in any way that you want. You are not required to mention me anywhere in your game if used commercially. May be used in the following game engines:
FPS Creator
DarkBASIC Professional
FPS Creator x10
DarkBASIC x10
The 3D Gamemaker
Torque game engine
Also any game engine made by The Game Creators  in the past, present, or future.
You may not redistribute or put in any kind of media package without contacting me by e-mail ( or by the Game Creators forum. YOU MAY NEVER claim this as yours even with changes to the texture and/or model.
With that, have fun!
Beside this text is a picture of the terminal. To download, click on the button above.
NOTE: The download right is get it in other game engines you may have to edit the formats and/or properties.


Two trashbag models by Daniel Maher for use in video games. Click on the button above to download.
Same as above.



Crosshair Pack
A collection of four crosshairs made by Michael. Click on the button above to download.
Same as above.


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